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Ancient ruins, stunning traditional tavernas, vibrant resorts and a welcome thats as warm as the idyllic Grecan climate. You can b...

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With a beach for evey day of the year and the amazing coral reefs just waiting to be explored, Antigua realy has it all.The heart ...

Hotels & Resorts

Hong Kong with its towering skyscrapers, dazzling neon lights, friendly people and splendid Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant c...

When booking a holiday try to ensure that you read some reviews of the area you are visiting to see if its right for you, for example thomson offer some great deals & Dominica is a great place for rambling, with amazing forests and eco-friendly accomodation, Barbados can be crowded and busy with many shopping areas and high class restaurants, and countries such as Cuba offer something for vintage scenery, automobiles and musical exploration.

We provide you with information and advice on the best Package Holiday destinations!

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When booking a holiday remember that brochure prices can look attractive, but be sure to check the small prints for additional travel insurance or fuel cost inceases.

If you cancel your holiday (for any reason) you will in most cases lose your initial deposit or have to pay some form of cancellation charge, mainly due to the fact you will have broken the terms of the agreement, but its good practice to check these terms before you book so you know where you stand with your travel agent. You do however have the right to request a full refund if your direct holiday is cancelled due to the fault of the travel agents such as thomson holidays and not yourself. Try checking out the Thomson Holidays for more information on how they handle cancellations might be worth a read.

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Why not take a first choice holiday or book the right Luxury Hotel or Resort, we are here to help with Travel Guides, Reviews and General information on where to visit for the perfect Holiday of flight experience.

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The secret to a great holiday is to choose a popular location that offers many facilities such as sports & boating activities. Travel agents such as Icelolly & First Choice offer all inclusive deals to help you get the most out of your stay at a resort, this can insure a worry free holiday see Travel Tips website for more advice..

Disclaimer: All of the holiday information on this website has been written by our writers and aims to provide an in dept look at Worldwide Holiday Destinations, We are not a travel agent nor do we allow you to book holidays via this website. We are not affilitated with First Choice, Icelolly or Thomas Cook Holidays. See our Privacy Policy or for enquiries please contact us on