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Checking in
A great tip for checking in to your virgin flight is to do it online, they usually allow you to do this 24 hours before your flight and often allows you to choose your own seat.

Be sure to check your baggage for sharp objects before attempting to check in as it may hold you up on baggage checks for your virgin flights.

Airport Parking
Many airports offer a long stay discount rate but they can;t guarantee your cars safety. For this reason the best thing is to get a taxi to the airport from a local firm.

Virgin Flights
Take off can often be a scary experience for even the well-traveled. Relaxation with music or partaking in conversation will help to calm you.

During Flight
During your flight if you want to experience less turbulence it is adviced to choose a seat near the leading edge of the wing, in the middle of the aircraft where the effects are weakest

Hotel Transport
Once you arrive at your destination you will need to be sure your althams travel holiday includes transfer from the airport to your hotel, if not many airports will run a bus service to large city locations.

Thousands of cheap flights leave every day to worldwide destinations with the promise of sun, sea, sand and sightseeing. It's also good to remember that many Airlines offer cheaper flights to frequent flyers, be sure to check out what deals are on offer before booking your flight or package holiday.

When booking a flight online ensure that the website has the following services:

• Ensure that your chosen travel agent or airline lets you check in online
• Shows you prices for flights on days before and after your chosen dates
• Shows prices that include all taxes and charges
• Have clear details of luggage allowances
• Offer ticketless ecofriendly travel, many leading virgin airlines have agreed that from 2008 they will stop issuing paper tickets (this isnt really nessisary but it will help us all do our bit to combat rising fuel prices)

This near why not treat yourself & experience a romantic holiday, what about a relaxing break in Jamaica?

Well our Travel & Hotel information can help you decide.

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